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Broken showers can be quite tricky to fix. In the event, you might think that you could just do it yourself the old fashioned way by turning screws left and right,  and the next day you are greeted with more annoying shower troubles. Showers are not installed all the same way, and it’s no surprise you didn’t know how yours were installed and this is where you need to call specialists for your shower repairs. 

If you’re encountering shower problems, Evans heating always quickly attends to any emergency shower repairs in Bristol & Bath. We provide immediate repairs for shower leakes, inconsistent water temperature, you name it. 

As a leader in shower repairs and services in Bristol and surrounding areas, you can only expect to get the most reliable service – just look at our testimonials. For any emergency shower repairs in Bristol, Bath and the South West, don’t hesitate to call us on 01179 616478 or email for an immediate response.

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Parr and Evans install only the most efficient and reliable thermostatic showers around the Bristol and Bath area. Thermostatic showers are expertly manufactured showers that contain a thermostat in order to minimize shower hassle and give far greater efficiency in the bathroom. They can have either valves with dual controls that control both the water flow and the water.

Thermostatic showers have a thermostat in them so they have the ability to “remember”. Once you have set your ideal temperature it will automatically control your shower’s temperature so that it always remains constant.


Parr & Evans are proud to be suppliers and installers of leading brand Mira. Mira’s Mixer showers take water from both hot and cold water supplies. They mix the hot and cold to reach a desired temperature. They generally flow faster than electric showers.

If there is a low pressure gravity water system, you can make the flow more forceful by adding a Mira pump. Mixer showers are ideal for homes with a plentiful supply of hot water.

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