Warm air heating is a specialist area and one that pride ourselves on at Parr and Evans Heating. Over the last few years, we have become go to engineers for installations, repairs and servicing. We are even nominated installers for Johnson & Starley heating systems, the market leader in warm air heating industry.

The warm air heating systems were very popular many years ago, then with new central heating systems coming on to the market they became a little inferior.
These systems have been used in commercial and industrial building throughout this time, as they provide the best solution for purpose and regulations.

Fast forward to now, with advancements in technology and new suppliers specialising in warm air, installing these systems in your home again are worth considering.

Warm air heating engineer Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, South Wales

warm air heating system and vents

Warm Air Heating Systems heat a home by supplying warm air into rooms through discreet vents in either the walls or ceilings. They are similar to Air Conditioning Units – they blow air around the ductwork and out through vents throughout the house. The air is controlled by a thermostat.

Warm air heaters offer a host of energy saving features, with typical fuel savings of up to 28%.
There are also optional extras available such as ‘Cleanflow’ electronic air filtration system. This gives the opportunity to electronically clean the air and remove tiny particles down to 1 micron small such as pollen, mould and cigarette smoke.

Warm air heating service and repair

warm air heating system and vents

Just the same as with any heating system, it is important that a system is serviced at least once a year. This is even more so when it comes to warm air heating systems.
A service will ensure the safety of the system and help increase the efficiency of its performance.

When it comes to servicing and repairs of warm air heating systems, you will find that there aren’t many companies out there that will to do so. In fact, many engineers aren’t knowledgeable and/or qualified to work on these systems and could even condemn a system as needing a replacement, even though it may just need a repair.

At Parr and Evans Heating we are on hand to offer you our experience and guidance for all your warm air heating needs.

An Emergency service is provided by us a Parr and Evans Heating.

warm air heating boiler prices

Warm Air Heating Boiler

With different systems and different needs, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Each system/job may require a unique quote and it makes sense to ensure we can help in the first place.
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At Parr and Evans Heating we have been specialists in this area for some time now and have become the go to warm air heating engineers in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire and South Wales.

We can ensure you of peace of mind whenever we are called to install, repair or service any warm air heating systems.

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