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The Rinnai system also incorporates many safety features – one of these being the ability to automatically cut the heater off in the event of the temperature rising by 3 degrees above the chosen set point. Rinnai water heaters also reduce the impact on the environment – the systems have lower greenhouse emissions due to Rinnai’s reduced NOx burner technology.

Rinnai systems mean you will never run out of hot water. This endless hot water is delivered with greater control and more efficiently, replacing the need for old-fashioned, bulky storage vessels. Their compact design saves floor space, and they are also highly efficient – saving up to 30% on hot water bills. Due to its small size and flexibility of its flue means this product can be fitted in a variety of positions.

Parr & Evans now supply and install Rinnai continuous gas water heaters. Rinnai make more than 12 million gas appliances in the year – distributed worldwide – and are the best in the field when it comes to Continuous Flow Hot Water. Their hot water systems allow showers to be run directly from the units – eliminating the need for roof tanks, cylinders or pumps. The desired temperature is always maintained – regardless of whether other outlets are in use.

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